Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sleek Acid Palette

This palette is all about brights, bolds, and neons. It may not be perfect if you're looking for a palette for everyday use. But it is sure fun to play with. I have so many looks I've been wanting to try since I got this.

The packaging is similar with all the other i-Divine palette by Sleek, but one thing I notice is that this one doesn't have names for each color in the plastic inside. Not important, but in case you're wondering.

I really love the olive green on the bottom left, next to the light purple (which I think is the most poorly pigmented in this palette). The neon colors in the middle are not too pigmented, which I think would be nice as a base.

Matte: 8 colors (white, yellow, orange, light purple, olive green, pink, neon green, dark grey)
Shimmer: 4 colors (dark purple/plum, dark blue, light blue, light grey)

As usual, I chuck away the brush that came with it because for me it's just useless.

All in all, great palette to play with, I'm just a bit disappointed with the pigmentation of the light purple on the bottom left. But the rest are great!

Hope it helps!

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