Thursday, July 19, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

Today I'm going to review the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo, which is practically why I am into makeup in the first place. I saw their video months ago on Youtube, and I love it so much I decided to watch every single video they uploaded. The Pixiwoo channel on Youtube is a collaboration of the Pixiwoo sisters, which is Samantha and Nicola Chapman. They're both super talented. You guys should definitely check them out.

Not very long ago (I guess), Samantha (Sam) launch her own brush line, called Real Techniques. Made with ultra smooth taklon bristles which is synthetic, meaning you can use these brushes for cream and powder. The brushes were instantly getting much love from everyone, so I decided I'm gonna get one.

The first one I got was the stippling brush. Oh one thing I should mention, they're color coded. So the orange ones were meant to be used for the face, like foundation and powder. The pink ones are for the cheeks, and the purple ones are for the eyes. Genius. But it's not like they're carved in stones, you can always use them on your own preference.

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stippling brush

The stippling brush meant to be used for blushes, but I see the Pixiwoo sisters use it a lot to apply foundation. So I use them for both. This brush helps you to get a flawless finish, by stippling it on the face, dabbing the product so it blends well with the skin and didn't look like you're piling on makeup. I really love the stippling brush, and I think this is one of the most wanted brush of all the Real Techniques collection. I can see why.

After being in love with the stippling brush for a couple of months, I decided I want to get another one. So I went for the core collection.

The set contains 4 brushes to help you achieve flawless base. Description of each brushes are on the back of the box which is really helpful.

Buffing brush: To apply foundation. Cream, liquid, powder, or any kind of foundation. Buff the product into the skin, so it blends well. We never want a streaky foundation.
buffing brush

Detailer brush: Tiny little brush to conceal spots, or to apply lipstick. I love to use this to apply eyeshadow under the eyes. Whichever you prefer.
detailer brush

Pointed foundation brush: To build custom coverage of foundation on some areas. If you need more coverage around the lips, which usually a bit red for many people, use this brush. It's also great to apply concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles.
pointed foundation brush

Contour brush: This one is probably my favorite. The size and shape is perrrrfect for contouring.
contour brush
The core collection set comes with a black panoramic case that I love, because it can also stand up. I use it upside down, though, to dry the brushes after I washed it. I got asked this question a lot, how do you clean your brushes? The best way is to use baby shampoo or other delicate shampoo. Wash it with the handle upside down, so you don't get any water on the inside of the handle, because it can damage the glue that stick the hair and the handle, eventually makes it comes off. So only wash the tip of the brush. And let them dry on their own, upside down, and never use a hair dryer or so.

I really really love these brushes, they're super soft and did their job amazingly well for an affordable price. Check the Real Techniques website on for more info. Hope it helps!

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