Monday, September 17, 2012

Hada Labo Launching Jakarta

Last Wednesday, on 12th September, I attended the Hada Labo launching event on Poke Sushi Crowne Plaza Hotel. Now if you're a makeup fan like I am, you would know what Hada Labo is.
For those who doesn't, Hada Labo is a Japanese skincare produced by Rohto Pharmaceutical company. Yes, the eye drops.

Hada Labo was invented in Japan on 2004. Since then, the product keeps getting great response. And finally, they brought it here. I've heard the rave about this product months ago. I was looking for a product to reduce skin dullness, and then came Hada Labo at the top of the list.

I've tried a whitening product, and it works, my face does turn white. And that's absolutely not what I want. I want my skin, especially my face, to look brighten, not lighten, if that make sense. I didn't want to change my skin color to match a lighter foundation, I just wanted it to look healthy and glowy. And it is sooooo friggin' hard to find that kind of product. Everything is about whitening, not brightening.

So I bought it online, the sample size, because it's so expensive. At that time I had no idea that Hada Labo was planning to launch in Indonesia, meaning they will have their own factory here, meaning the price will be much cheaper.

Anyway, I got the Shirojyun (I can never say it right, ever) lotion. It says Ultimate Whitening, but I've read people's review on the product, and they describe it as if you have a lamp on your face. Exactly what I wanted. I use it as recommended, 2-3 drops 2 times a day. And it works wonder, especially a minute after you put it on. I just love it.

So I was excited when I got the invitation from IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger), because I actually use and like the product. I met the founder / creator of Hada Labo, Mr. Tsunetsugu Shuici. He tells us all about Hada Labo, and it made me feel even more sure that this is a great product.

There are also Mr. Furuya Akiyoshi, Vice President Rohto Laboratories Indonesia, Mr. Mukdaya Massidy, President Director Rohto Laboratories Indonesia, and Mrs. Trusti Dwijaya, Hada Labo user.

And of course, the goody bag!!
It contains all the Hada Labo range that are already produced in Indonesia.There are whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging series. Choose the one suits you best.


I think I'm safe for about two years. That is a loooot of product because you're only using a tiny amount each time.

There was a skin-test booth, a product test booth, it's a very informative and fun event, thanks IBB and Hada Labo for having me!

For more information, check out Hada Labo website:

I highly recommend this product!


  1. You're so lucky!
    It's so hard to find Hada Labo in Germany!

  2. Hi Suhay! it was nice meeting you at this event :D
    we met but didn't get the chance to introduce ourselves tho, so i guess next time? looking forward to meet you again! :)

    1. Hi Nita :D

      Yes I hope we'll meet again next time!

  3. Where I can get hada labo in Jakarta ? thx

    1. I bought mine at Lotte mart. I've seen it in other places such as Grand Lucky. It's also available in Guardian, Century, and other drugstores I suppose