Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Do We Wear Makeup?

With a form of self expression so personal as one’s makeup, It’s funny that the only thing onlookers seem to be wondering about is what everyone else is going to think. Sure, it’s only right for strangers to be curious, especially those that don’t understand makeup. Not the way we do, anyway. Sometimes, our on-trend looks may seem off to others, but that doesn’t mean we asked for your opinion.

Sometimes people can have a stronger influence on us than we’d care to admit. The need to fit in to a group can override our creative process and, more importantly, our self-discovery as beauty-conscious individuals.

Is pleasing your loved ones a bad thing? Of course not. Often those near to us can help us understand our own qualities and tastes. But are we painting ourselves to please them? What if they weren’t happy with the way we chose to present ourselves? Would it affect us? Would we change for them?

No matter what, you're never going to satisfy everyone out there. You will go mad trying. All that matters is that you like what you wear and how you look. I mean, This is my makeup. Where exactly does anyone else fit into the picture?

For those of us who understand the power and magic of cosmetics, makeup is an art. It is our our skill. Makeup is our paint, our daily celebration, our self exploration. It is a reflection of our mood, our day, and most importantly, ourselves. Our faces serve as a canvas that not only satisfies our urge to look and feel our best, it fills our need to create.

I'm sure we all have people saying to us, "You don't need to wear makeup. You look fine without it." That's not the point. I wear makeup as self expression. I wear makeup for fun. I wear makeup as an adventure. To me, makeup is awesome!

I just wish more people could understand that, and not judge based on their lack of knowledge and insight about makeup. People tend to think we dont love ourselves or we think we're ugly so we wear makeup. But I think I am beautiful and makeup enhances my features.

We're expected to wear our makeup looking like we're not wearing any, or what we call The "natural" look. But still, that ain't my face, if it were, why would I put the make up on? No one paints a canvas white, right? 

It's a nasty cycle, we're taught to feel ugly (magazines, ads, celebrities) so we "beautify" with make up. But then we're told we're ugly for hiding behind make up.

I love to see people who are bold enough to look drastically different than what the mainstream has deemed acceptable. Life is sooooo short. If you live to be 80 years old you'll only get 80 Halloweens. Does that mean you should go without expressing yourself the other 29,200 days of your life?

Who do we wear makeup for? We wear it for us.
Why do we wear makeup? Because we want to.


  1. untuk tampil oke d kondangan harus make up..masa iya kucel..hahhaa
    tp jangan setiap saat make up..wajah juga butuh nafas, ya ga dear :)

  2. Makeup is good, but don't forget about the inside, heart :)
    Great post btw :D

    Mind to follow each other? XD