Saturday, September 27, 2014

Green & Yellow Stripes


So today's post is basically about one final look, but I separated them into 3 steps, just in case you wanna see the steps. Well.. not exactly a tutorial here, just some guidance on what to do first :)
Hope this helps! ;)

Step 1:
The first thing that I made was a basic Green Smokey Eye. I don't think there's much to explain here because I'm sure we all know what it is. lol
Here's how it looks like

Nothing special here, like I said it's just a basic smokey eye
Step 2:
I got bored and decided to take it up a notch, and added some yellow eyeshadow on the browbone. Not exactly the prettiest look, but I actually kinda like it.
Here's how it looks like

Yellow on the browbone ;)

Step 3:
Last thing I did was making stripes. I wanted the stripes to look like it came up from the lid, so I make sure it is connected with the green eyeshadow on the lid that I applied in the beginning.
Here's how it looks like

Green stripes! :D
I made the stripes using eyeshadows and a wet eyeliner brush, it makes it easier to control the precision with a small brush, and by making it wet the shadows will have an eyeliner consistency which is exactly what I was after.

To sum up, here's all of them in one:

Products used:

NYX JEP Rocky Mountain Green
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown
Motives Cosmetics LBD Liner
Born Pretty Store 28 Shimmer palette (you can get it from Born Pretty Store), and make sure you use code SSH10 for discounts :D 

Until next post!!


  1. woooow ur make up is sooo amazing!! colors are perfect!

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  2. Kak suhay selalu kece banget deh eye makeupnya! Ajarin dong hihihihi

    1. hihihi sini kamu ikut make up class aku aja yuuuuk :p #promosi