Friday, April 13, 2012

Stila Contouring Trio

I was really excited when i got this. The packaging, the fact that it contains 3 colors, and the price. This contour trio, as the name suggested, helps you to create contour for the face. Eyes, cheeks, nose, wherever you need it.
It comes in a thin square carton box. You opened it, and the product is packaged in an aluminum compact with mirrors, and little lamps. Yes, little lamps. That's why I bought it, i guess. Haha. The lamps automatically lights up when you opened the case. But they keep a sticky tape on the button so it won't turn on all the time. Just open the tape when you need the lamps.
carton box
aluminum compact

the inside

lights on. the button is on the middle part as you can see. when you shut the case, it automatically pressed the button so the lamps will turn off

three shades: flash - a shimmery warm brown, great for bronzer or when you want to have dewy/glowy skin, light - a light brown, to highlight areas that you want to emphasize, like the bridge of your nose and the forehead (T-zone), dark - a dark brown, to darken areas that you want to sink back in (cheekbones, eye crease)

 All in all, I love this product. The colors are beautiful, as it doesn't have too much red in it, like many other bronzer.

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