Saturday, March 10, 2012

Homemade Lip Color / Cream Eyeshadow / Blusher

This morning I just got a delivery of small jars that I ordered yesterday. And I can't wait to use it. So I mixed some of my mother's old lipstick with mine and created these beautiful lip colors that can also be used as cream eyeshadow. If you take a look at the colors, some of them are better used as an eyeshadow.

To make your own lip color / cream eyeshadow / blusher, all you need is:
- Some lipsticks. If you're doing this for the first time, you might want to use the one that you're not using anymore, just in case.
- Some empty cosmetic jars
- Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
- A knife. You don't need a sharp one, butter knife is perfect
- A candle (or stove, or anything with heat)
- Some spoons. I suggest you take one small spoon and one bigger spoon
And that's it.

So first, make sure the empty jars are in a reachable place, so you won't be looking for them in a hurry later on.
Cut the lipstick you wanted to mix with a knife in a desired amount, and place it on the big spoon.
Add some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly onto the spoon.
*Do not mix the products now, because it will be sticky and create a mess.
Light the candle.
Place the big spoon above the candle, and wait until the products melt.
Stir with the small spoon until it's all mixed together.
Pour the mixture into the jar.
You might want to leave it open for about 10 minutes, and then put in on the fridge for about 30 minutes. 
Done :D

You can add any color you like, because we all have that lipstick that are just too dark / too bright to use on its own, so you want to mix them.

What I really love is the fact that you can use this as anything you want. A lip color, eyeshadow, or even blusher. A lot of makeup artists around the world are now using lip colors as an eyeshadow or blusher. As we might all know, lips are a very delicate area, so whatever products that can be used on the lips should be OK to be used on other face areas. Make sense to me.

One thing i recommend, if you're planning to use it only as a cream eyeshadow, a good thing to add is an eyeshadow base, so it would prevent the product to crease.

Hope it helps, and good luck!


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