Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder

This bronzing powder comes in a huge packaging. Like the name suggested, it's literally the size of a disk! If you got this, you won't be looking for another bronzer for a very looooong time. It's a cheaper way of purchase, really.
The product itself is also amazing. It's not too shimmery, I even thought it was matte when I first opened it. The shimmer is really subtle you need to look at it closely to see the glitter.
The color is awesome, it comes in various colors, so make sure you got the right one, otherwise it will be a disk-size waste of product.

Hope it helps!


  1. LOL. The size of these bronzers just crack me up. I always wonder if I should just press my face into it (not really). Estee Lauder's bronzers are also gigantic.

  2. I know! It should be a palette instead. lol