Thursday, July 26, 2012

NYX Slim Lip Pencil

The NYX Slim Lip Pencil come in 60 shades. So it took me quite some time to choose the ones I want. Finally I bought 4 of them. They're soft, and glides easily on the lips, unlike other lip pencil I tried, which is from The Body Shop. It's too dry and hard to apply. But it may work wonders on other people. Different person can have different results. This NYX lip pencil also great as a base, to prevent the lipstick from feathering or smudging all over. So the colors are:

Nude beige is a soft brown, works for most skin types. Works best to even out the lip color. I love this one so much :)

Natural is a soft pink, it's not too pale so you can use it on its own. Maybe apply some lip balm before or after to prevent dryness.

Rose is a bright pale pink (does that make sense?). Well it's a bright pink, but kinda washed so it doesn't look too doll-like or too bright. Looks beautiful on the lips. May works best for lighter skin tone to use on its own, but it's great to even out the lip or as a base.

Hot red is a beautiful neutral red, works for all skin tones. Red lip liner is very very important when you're trying to wear red lipstick. Because if you're brave enough to wear red lips, you don't want it to wear off. So it's important to apply lip liner all over the lips to create a base, and prevent the red lipstick you put on top of it to wear off or smudge all over. It also helps the color to stay longer.

Lip liners are useful not only to make your lips look fuller by lining all over the lips, (sometimes outside the actual lip line if your lips are really small/thin) but also as a base by coloring the whole lips with it so your lipstick can have something to hold on to, so it stays longer.

Here's some swatches to help you choose:

Hope it helps!


  1. I have this pencil in natural. been repurchasing 3 times. i love it

  2. I used up mine in rose, so I have to repurchase.
    love this!