Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleek Pout Paint

The Sleek Pout Paint is a lip color that is SUPER SUPER REALLY FREAKISHLY pigmented. You only need the tiniest amount to color the whole lip. That's why many people are in love with them. It comes in 11 beautiful colors, and meant to be mixed to create your own color, but some of them are great to use on their own. I got 2 of them, in the color Minx and Pin up.

Minx is a soft nude pink. It's great for lighter skin tone. I use this in the tiniest possible amount to create a nude lip.
Pin up is a vibrant red. I'm sure it works for any skin tone. You can build the color by applying more layer if you want a darker red. It is a very versatile product, I even use this one as fake blood for face painting.

To use this, you'll need a lip brush, you don't want to apply this with your fingers, because it will create a mess. Take the product in a tiny dot and then apply it all over your lip. You'll be amazed by the pigmentation. It's crazy.

You can see on the left of each color I take a tiny amount of product and the right one are the same amount blended. One tube of this pout paint will last a lifetime, because a little goes a long way!

Hope it helps!


  1. I love the red!
    Found you on Beautylish, can't wait to see more!
    Makeup by Rachel

  2. I've been eyeing for this lippies sooo bad, I want the pinkini ones, nice review anyway..
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